Sunday School, Classes, & Nursery

Christian Education for Adults

Inquirers Class

Sundays 9:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the Church. Don’t miss these opportunities to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). Call Father Dart for more information at 480-488-0525.

Christian Education for Children

Children's Sunday School

Children are educated in the knowledge of the love of God and religious worship in the Anglican tradition through Sunday School and Confirmation Class. Sunday School classes are held at 10:30 AM during church service. Children age four and older study together in a family atmosphere. Study materials are designed to reach all ages so that the younger children are able to participate while the older are challenged and learning the same lesson at a deeper level.

The first half hour is devoted to music. During this time children sing songs that reinforce scripture and the teachings of Christ. Hymns and sung responses are also introduced. Although having fun learning about the Bible is the main emphasis, the study of music is also taking place. A child who attends these classes will become familiar with singing. At this point, Jubilate becomes an option.

Once children reach age ten, they become eligible to attend Confirmation Class and become confirmed. After confirmation children are encouraged to attend church services and begin the study of personal service to God and others. Personal ministry, or how one chooses to serve, can take many different forms. Singing in the choir, serving at the altar, serving as an usher, assisting the altar and flower guild, attend and support Morning Prayer, helping in Sunday School and the Nursery, or volunteering in the community are some options. Personal Ministry is a lifelong endeavor and may constantly change throughout a person's life. One of the goals at Christ Anglican Church is to foster this pursuit.


Childcare is available in the Nursery for children age three and younger. Parents who attend the 10:30 service may bring their children with them into the church, or may take advantage of the Nursery where preschoolers participate in music class and other activities geared to their age group.