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  • Oral Arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Point to a Post-Roe Future December 3, 2021
    On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments from Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, the most significant challenge to Roe v. Wade to date. The anticipation surrounding Dobbs, on both sides of the abortion issue, has been palpable. Wednesday’s performance did not disappoint.    Today, on a very special edition of the BreakPoint podcast, I […]
    John Stonestreet & Ryan T. Anderson
  • The Point: The Moral Shift December 2, 2021
    Not that long ago, what we ate was considered a matter of personal preference. Our sexual behavior, on the other hand, was considered a matter of morality that required regulating. Times have changed.   In every society throughout history, sex has been seen as a moral matter of public concern. A primary reason for that […]
    Colson Center
  • BreakPoint: The Real Harm of Transgender Ideology December 2, 2021
    Every single person, including those who struggle with who they are, are made in the image and likeness of God. However much someone can be mistaken in their self-understanding, whatever they’ve done to add to their own confusion, they’re still infinitely valuable and worthy of the fullest expressions of our love and care. This includes […]
    Colson Center
  • The Point: A New HHS Mandate December 1, 2021
    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is crafting a new rule that could force religious employers, insurers, and healthcare providers to pay for and provide, among other things, gender transitions.    The National Catholic Register broke the story. According to court filings, progressive activist groups demanded HHS expand its definition of discrimination “based […]
    Colson Center
  • “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Abortion” December 1, 2021
    Today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that could upend Roe v. Wade. At the very least, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is the most significant challenge to legalized abortion to date. In question is a Mississippi law known as the Gestational Age Act.  If the court decides the law should stand, the power to determine and […]
    Colson Center
  • God's Pronouns November 30, 2021
    A few weeks ago, I talked about a claim that we should call God “they” since “He” isn’t inclusive enough. A tweet by the Religious News Service recently doubled down on this idea, asserting that Christian churches “lack consensus” about God’s pronouns. Lacks consensus? That’s a strange statement. That only makes sense if 99.99% of […]
    Colson Center
  • BreakPoint: What BreakPoint Is All About November 30, 2021
    We cover plenty of news at BreakPoint. Most of our commentaries, in fact, address a breaking story or headline in some way. And, several times a week or more, someone in our audience will ask if we plan to address this or that news story. Sometimes they are asking for our take on a high-profile […]
    Colson Center
  • BreakPoint Podcast: Advent and the Incarnation with Thomas Price November 29, 2021
    Shane Morris visits with Dr. Thomas Price about Athanasius' On The Incarnation. The pair discuss the significance of Jesus being man and how Advent is an important time for the Christian, and not only to celebrate the birth of Christ. This is a portion of an extended conversation Shane has with Dr. Price on the Upstream […]
    Colson Center
  • The Point: Canceling Grades November 29, 2021
    Last week the LA Times reported that, facing soaring rates of D’s and F’s, more schools are simply doing away with grades entirely. Instead, teachers are encouraged to give students little to no homework, move deadlines, and have fewer outcome-driven measurements of achievement.  What’s the rationale behind the move? “By continuing to use century-old grading […]
    Colson Center
  • BreakPoint: The Evangelical Fracture November 29, 2021
    Recently in the Atlantic, Peter Wehner argued that the evangelical church is breaking apart. He references the politicization of Covid, the challenge of two contentious elections, and the fact that America is in a bitter partisan divide. Additionally, in June, Mere Orthodoxy columnist Michael Graham suggested that evangelicalism in America is undergoing a “Six-way fracturing.”  […]
    John Stonestreet