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  • What is Happening In Israel And Why Does It Matter? - BreakPoint This Week May 15, 2021
    John and Maria discuss the rising tensions in the Middle East. They explain some of the finer points related to the conflict and why it requires sober thinking and a worldview big enough for the world. Maria then asks John for greater context on a number of stories from the week, and they discuss the […]
    John Stonestreet, Maria Baer
  • Bob Fu: Wilberforce Award Winner and a Man for Our Time May 14, 2021
    For the last several years, China has become more aggressive to both the outside world and to its own people, particularly the people of Hong Kong, the Muslim Uyghur population, and, of course, Christians. While other countries may rank higher on Open Doors’ “World Watch List,” the economic might, global clout, and sheer population size […]
    Colson Center
  • Should We Dismantle the Family? May 13, 2021
    Last fall, the Black Lives Matter organization quietly deleted a section of its website in which it professed an intention to: “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.” The statement was removed after public backlash, but the sentiment behind the statement seems to endure among some activists. Earlier this week, The National Council on Family […]
    Colson Center
  • Where Do I Go For My Daughter with Gender Dysphoria - BreakPoint Q&A May 12, 2021
    John and Shane field a listener response to a BreakPoint Shane authored last week. The BreakPoint discussed problematic points for Christians inside a new trend of casual sex in the Christian community. John and Shane go point-by-point to provide a strong Christian worldview foundation to the listener's concerns. Shane then presents a sobering topic from […]
    John Stonestreet, Shane Morris
  • How to Stay When the World Says Leave May 12, 2021
    For the first time since the Gallup organization started to track the data, fewer than 50% of Americans now belong to a church, synagogue or mosque.   Behind these numbers are, among other factors, the trendiness of not only leaving church, but announcing it on social media with a bit of shaming and blaming thrown in […]
    Colson Center
  • Leave Loud, Blaming Churches May 11, 2021
    Given the global pandemic, this seems like a particularly bad time to run a survey on church membership. Nevertheless, Gallup recently released a poll suggesting that the number of Americans who belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque has fallen below 50 percent for the first time since 1937, when the organization began tracking those […]
    Colson Center
  • Ryan T. Anderson - Wilberforce Weekend Speaker Series - BreakPoint Podcast May 10, 2021
    John Stonestreet visits with Ryan T. Anderson on the image of God presented in the physical make up of male and female. Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., is the President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and the Founding Editor of Public Discourse, the online journal of the Witherspoon Institute of Princeton, New Jersey. He is the author […]
    John Stonestreet, Ryan T. Anderson
  • Changing the World One Child at a Time May 10, 2021
    Mary Slessor was born to a Scottish working-class family in 1848. At an early age Mary joined her parents in the Dundee mills, working half a day while going to school the other half. By age 14, Mary was working 12 hour shifts. Ever an avid reader, Mary kept a book propped up on her […]
    Colson Center
  • Assurance in Christ in a Pandemic With Eyes Ahead to Birth-rate Challenges - BreakPoint This Week May 7, 2021
    John and Maria breakdown some trends in the news during BreakPoint This Week. They discuss how our response to the pandemic can cause us to despair. They discuss the importance of keeping our eyes on Christ and building our hope around a Christian worldview. Maria turns from a segment of looking to Christ to a […]
    John Stonestreet, Maria Baer
  • Should We Edit Our Genes? May 7, 2021
    More and more, we're hearing about the promises of gene editing. It's a scientific technology that literally allows us to rewrite our DNA. Still in the experimental stage, with technologies like CRISPR, we've seen how the technology can be used wrongly. It can put humanity at risk. Many Christians are not aware of the biological […]
    Colson Center