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  • How Christianity Elevated Women Through Education September 24, 2021
    Most likely, Tsuda Umkea’s father regarded her as expendable. He was so angry when his second child was a second daughter, he stormed out of the house.  Still, during Japan’s rapid modernization campaign in the late 19th century, he had become interested in the education of girls, and especially the possibility of girls studying in […]
    Colson Center
  • You Are What You Binge September 23, 2021
    Pediatricians are growing increasingly concerned about an explosion in facial and vocal tics in teenagers, especially teenage girls. According to the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society, case numbers in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Australia have skyrocketed over the last year. They’ve even called it a “parallel pandemic” alongside COVID-19. A UK […]
    Colson Center
  • The Great Education Revolution - A Conversation with Vishal Magalwhaldi | The BreakPoint Podcast September 22, 2021
    John visits with Vishal Magalwhaldi, author of several books, including The Book That Changed Your World, and most recently The Third Education Revolution, in which he traces both the history of the Christian promotion of education around the world and the opportunity we have in front of us right now.
    Colson Center
  • Why the Church Has Such a Long History of Leading in Education September 22, 2021
    Some people think that Christian interest in education is only instrumental. In other words, we start schools so that we can tell our kids about Jesus Christ and how to become Christians. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the Christian understanding of education goes much deeper.  Throughout human history, wherever the Church has […]
    Colson Center
  • Leaving Church September 21, 2021
    The pandemic policies, social unrest, and political division that’s left so much of our culture on edge have created quite a bit of tumult for churches, too. A few weeks ago, in a blog at Mere Orthodoxy, Pastor Michael Graham offered a new way to categorize how Christians are reorganizing amidst the chaos.  Long gone […]
    Colson Center
  • What's the Cost of Digital Addictions? September 20, 2021
    In a recent Wall Street Journal article, psychiatrist Anna Lembke offered a stark warning about our favorite technologies.  Dopamine is the brain’s natural feel-good chemical. It rewards us when we do enjoyable things: connect with friends, laugh at a joke, eat a taco. Today, that powerful reward cycle is being hijacked by digital technology.  Technology […]
    John Stonestreet, Kasey Leander
  • The Uniqueness of Christian Education and The Importance of Words in Language - BreakPoint this Week September 17, 2021
    John and Maria revisit a piece from this week that highlights the beauty of God in the Cosmos. John provides a reflection that we are not simply our bodies or simply a spirit. He gives a worldview lesson, reflecting on another piece that highlights how the Greeks viewed the unborn. Maria then asks John for […]
    John Stonestreet, Maria Baer
  • College and the Decline of American Men September 17, 2021
    In yet another indicator that they are not ok, men in America are abandoning higher education in record numbers. According to the Wall Street Journal, at the end of the 2020 academic year, the percentage of male college students dropped to just over 40 percent. Soon, if current trend lines continue, one expert predicts, for every man who […]
    Colson Center
  • Our Way with Words September 16, 2021
    In a recent and unintentionally poignant episode of National Public Radio’s “On the Media” podcast, an entire conversation debating free speech hinged on the definition of a word that was never really established. “Free speech absolutism,” reporters claimed, is an old-fashioned concept because some speech causes harm. Never defined in the conversation (and rarely defined in decades of debate about […]
    Colson Center
  • Has the Church Missed the Lessons of 9/11? - BreakPoint Q&A September 15, 2021
    John and Shane are asked a host of questions surrounding recent BreakPoint commentaries.  To start off, John fields a question asking if the church completely missed the lessons we should've learned from 9/11. Additionally, another listener asks if the shift in worldview attention from Islam after 9/11 to critical theory today is one that is […]
    Colson Center