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  • What's the Power of Parenting, Why Do Moms and Dads Matter - BreakPoint Q&A - Rerun - June 23, 2021
    John and Shane discuss two significant questions dealing with mankind discerning their role as subduing the earth and making it flourish. They first field a question related to contraception, discussing the impact of mankind remaking the purpose and design of sex. Then, John is asked to provide some resources on parenting and the role of […]
    Colson Center
  • How Dads Change with Fatherhood June 23, 2021
    In the 1987 flick starring Tom Selleck and a few other guys called Three Men and a Baby, a trio of bachelors share a New York apartment and they take turns bringing home one-night stands. All seems to be going according to this hedonistic plan until one of their one-night stands leaves a baby at […]
    Colson Center
  • Princeton Trades Classics for Diversity? June 22, 2021
    Imagine a software engineering class that doesn’t make students learn computer code. That should give you some idea how ridiculous it is that Princeton University is no longer requiring classics majors to learn Greek or Latin. Not zoology students or English majors, but classics students. You know, the folks who study Greek and Latin culture. […]
    Colson Center
  • A Narrow SCOTUS Win with Serious Implications for Religious Liberty June 21, 2021
    On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued a much-anticipated ruling in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. In 2018, the city of Philadelphia barred Catholic Social Services (CSS) from placing foster children, as it had been doing for over 200 years, unless it changed its policy on same-sex households. Rather than compromise Church teaching, CSS challenged the […]
    Colson Center
  • The Supreme Court, Jack Phillips, and Juneteenth Commemorations - BreakPoint This Week June 18, 2021
    John and Maria explain the significance of to important court cases that were decided this week. One case involving Jack Phillips challenges religious freedom in the public life. The other is a protection of the freedom of non-profit organizations to conduct businesses guided by religious convictions. Maria introduced a segment on Juneteenth, a recently minted […]
    John Stonestreet, Maria Baer
  • Juneteenth—Something We Can All Commemorate June 18, 2021
    Since I wasn’t even alive in 1968, I’ll defer to Boomers and historians to tell us whether the country was more divided back then or today. In my lifetime, however, I can confidently say that the racial, political, economic, and ideological polarization has never been worse, nor has the violence and outrage.  No matter the […]
    Colson Center
  • Your Body, Whose Choice? June 17, 2021
    In a rather stunning op-ed at CNN a couple of weeks ago, a medical doctor offered an answer to one of the great worldview questions: “What is the highest good?” Bodily autonomy, wrote Dr. Alexis Drutchas, is the highest human right, and should trump all other considerations in medical decision making: “Adults with capacity should […]
    Colson Center
  • What Should Parents and Grandparents Prioritize to Foster Faith - BreakPoint Q&A June 17, 2021
    John welcomes Michael Craven, Director of the Colson Fellows program, to facilitate the BreakPoint Q&A this week. John answers questions ranging from what parents should prioritize in fostering faith to how people who weren't mentors can mentor others. John also fields a question on a recent BreakPoint. A listener writes in to ask if being […]
    Michael Craven, John Stonestreet
  • Shi Meiyu Celebrated the Image of God in Chinese Healthcare June 16, 2021
    Christianity has always been concerned about body and spirit, mind and matter, the spiritual and the physical. This was why wherever Christianity spread, believers established hospitals and schools alongside churches. In China, for example, Western medicine was an essential ingredient of the growth of Christianity. Many important Chinese Christians were first introduced to Christianity and […]
    Colson Center
  • Clarity, Confidence, and Courage for Confusing Times June 15, 2021
    There are certain moments in history, such as the end of the Roman Empire or the Enlightenment, when it’s obvious how much the cultural ground has shifted. Cultural norms that worked before to foster social cohesion no longer suffice. Certain ideas and shared ways of thinking can no longer be taken for granted. At these […]
    Colson Center