Womens Breakfast on Current Events

You are Invited!

Womens Breakfast on Current Events presented by Deaconess Jocelyn Obermeyer at Christ Anglican Church. Join us for a delicious breakfast as we discuss current events and hot topics. What pushes your buttons?

There are many big issues in the world right now and ladies have expressed interest in chatting about them and going deep. Come dine and discuss. Express your thoughts in a safe and respectful environment. What does our Lord say to do? We will take our concerns to God through His Word to dictate how we respond as Christian women.

Women’s Breakfast on Current Events is free, however registration is required. Please contact coordinator, Julie, via the button below. Email your RSVP and the topics you’d like to discuss.

You are Invited!

Womens Breakfast on Current Events

Saturday, July 13, 2024

8:45 a.m. Gathering time

9 a.m. Opening Prayer, Breakfast

Christ Anglican Church

35500 N. Cave Creek Rd.

Carefree, AZ 85377

The event is free, however, registration is requested. Click on the button below to sign-up with Julie and include your “hot topics.”

Christ Anglican Church Women’s Study Group

Standards of Presence

Pray without Ceasing <—> Be Led by the Holy Spirit

  1. I intend to maintain confidentiality: What I see and hear that is personal or specific to another within the group will stay here.
  2. I intend to have a beginner’s mind…I am open to new ideas: I allow myself to “try on” and wear the information for a while, as it stands.
  3. I intend to practice a positive focus and look for what’s working: I will focus on the 98% (or more) that is working, realizing that what I focus on expands.
  4. I intend to connect with my head and heart: I will release the need to evaluate and judge the material, each other, and myself, at least for now, in the moment.
  5. I intend to speak in “I” statements and release telling others how they should do, act or believe: I will release “shoulding” on myself and others.
  6. I intend to listen deeply and with honor: I will be 100% engaged and focus my positive attention on the presenter or person sharing.
  7. I intend to give authentic acknowledgment and support: I will keep it simple and genuine.
  8. I intend to be willing to receive acknowledgment and support: I will simply respond with “Thank you.”
  9. I intend to be willing to take responsibility for myself and allow others to do the same: I will take care of my body, mind and spirit while learning.
  10. I intend to be in acceptance: I understand acceptance and I know to Whom I belong – my Lord Jesus Christ.

“He must increase but I must decrease.” (John 3:30)