“At that time, Jesus said to them, I am the good shepherd.” (John 10:11)

Good Shepherd Sunday photo card bas relief sculpture Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary sisters Canaan in the Desert I am the good shepherd context dispute with the Jews The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep voice after temple service teaching truth convict deny accuse miracles by demons demonic agency blind man now sees when the Messiah comes the eyes of the blind will be opened false shepherds Jesus lays down His life passion crown of thorns even the death of the cross fulfill perfect sacrifice for sins of the whole world sheep scattered defeat foe destroys the enemy and rises again from the dead gathers His sheep chief Bishop of our souls pastures of heaven hirelings cares about wages wolf arrives he flees represent false shepherds of Israel authentic false own self interest hired hands look for authenticity of Gods love for God or for themselves parishioner older woman in distress other parishioner came for household helps what do I owe you for this you dont owe me anything it is done in love comes from Christ through His people its not pay for service to members of the body of Christ transactional relationships love and kindness St Patrick hymn Breastplate of St Francis ministry is not for the money reimbursement for expenses vocation through the body of Christ mortal combat with the wolf