“For as yet they knew not the scripture, that He must rise again from the dead.” (John 20:9)

He is Risen indeed Jesus died for our sake distinctions miracle crucifixion all too common used to it crucified four years before Christ two thousand 2000 Jews crucified by Roman emperor out of the ordinary in this wicked world Jesus upon the cross from the sixth to the ninth hour darkness over all the land death of an innocent man noon to three 6-9 noon-3 innocent Man something different happens when He dies upon the cross veil split in half rent in twain temple top to bottom tapestry thick as a mans palm 1800 square feet two crucified with Him execution IT IS FINISHED earthquake rocks split graves are opened they went into Jerusalem and appeared to many Jesus of Nazareth not just the death of a man but the Son of God made man very One through whom all things were made let there be light true light of the world sun doesn’t shine very God of very God understand this indeed was to be something different rises again from the dead grace in Him our sufferings too will cease vitality of the resurrection Jesus Christ rose again from the dead suffers no more in this world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world He invites us sufferings will cease rejoice know sufferings for a season Christ rose again from the dead God Himself will wipe away every tear from our eye Roman centurion with a spear pierces Him and out flows blood and water shed for the remission of sins spotless Lamb slain perfect sacrifice dies for our sakes His perfect life requisite sacrifice foundation of the world no separation between man and God reconciliation between God and man great mercies flow toward us repentant sinners among the redeemed hope fountain open up baptized engrafted into His body the church inner man Lords day death like no other first Adam second Adam prepares a place for us Easter day victory immortal