“And Jesus said to the disciples, Peace be unto you.” (John 20:19)

victory sin satan death bread of heaven grace gospel lesson first day of the week first appeared locked doors afraid glorified state through locked doors appears peace be unto you risen Lord risen from the dead peace fear of death Jesus overcame death destroyed death restored everlasting life no more fear Hymn 88 death is now a blessing death sin adam eve curse now a blessing through death pass to eternal life gate portal meditate mystery much better off on the other side than this side now we see through a glass darkly yet face to face if we have God is life hands and side marks of His suffering pierced spear nails hands feet side through the sacrifice our sins are forgiven reconciled to God through saving work of Jesus Christ by His blood suffered for our sake the perfect Lamb of God Christ our passover has been sacrificed for us therefore let us keep the feast hallelujah refreshed renewed blood His good pleasure to pardon sinner angels rejoice repent ask forgiveness God merciful forgive true repentance victory Easter repentant salvation He breathed on them receive ye the Holy Ghost power remit and retain sin we all have the gift of the Holy Spirit indwelling faith body temple of the Holy Spirit Paul gift sanctifies us sanctifier of us God is working in us no matter what happens purify sanctify anxious afraid nervous will sick rich poor good times bad times all for sanctification doing His work in us hard times ruined ill health that is the end of him worldview gold in furnace refined dross a better person our great Hope God uses it to sanctify us purify deathbed acceleration in dying of this process life is now behind them burned away purified reconcile with family and God world passing away focus on eternal Easter peace leaving this world into the next ours for the taking world anxious we are in God and God is in us always doing His work in us more like Him loving merciful holy holier Eastertide altar of God rest in the One to forgive any sin grace hope of the risen Lord indestructible life triumph over death