“then the devil left Him and behold angels came and ministered unto Him” (Matt. 4:11)

restraint fasting way of love is by self denial warfare champion defeat enemy first Adam fell into sin devil overthrown enemy contradicted God surely will not die eat the fruit God is withholding something from you you will become wise you will be like God tactics doubt God has given us our life sermon on the mount do not be anxious begrudge God for not giving us something command collect language of love first temptation second Adam command stones to be made bread go take it dont ask make it happen prove you’re the Son of God behold my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased Baptism goes to God take it to God man shall not live by bread alone seek first the kingdom of God temptation garden of Eden pride of life pinnacle of the temple throw yourself down suicide self harm it is written dash your foot against a stone thou shalt not tempt the Lord your God go straight to God tempted does not sin world flesh devil fell wicked tempted by desire to sin self harm height of temple not a sin to be tempted Christian warfare oh save us temptation loses its power bring to another person confession strike a bargain all the riches of the world worship goes to God only Him shall you serve get thee away satan wisdom distinction discernment real not authentic false know Gods Word as it is written give us the victory over the enemy language of love humble study wisdom spiritual purpose