“And Jesus said unto them, “Peace be unto you.” (John 20:19)

Eastertide victory over sin and death glorious hope Emmaus time after resurrection rescue of the human race how we respond Jesus is the Savior of the entire world all mankind saving work retroactive every person every place over all time our justification in Christ all will remain alive in Adam all will die God doesn’t have time for me their god is too small God is big enough for every human being God is infinite compare to sun coming up over a field of sunflowers all the fields are illuminated universality every flower is lit up God shines His love on all of us Jesus ministers to those after He is risen Mary Magdalene finish buriel rites meets the living Lord she knows Him Rabboni first witness to resurrected LORD Cleopas disciples walking to Emmaus heard reports no body Jesus comes alongside on the path crucified Him He is risen from the dead don’t recognize Him oh foolish ones slow of heart slow to believe He remains with them for dinner breaks bread He is known to them by the breaking of bread their hearts burned on the road fulfillment of prophecies desolation consolation run back to disciples Jerusalem Thomas will not believe until he can touch the nail prints in His palms and thrust his hand in to His side MY LORD AND MY GOD because you have seen you have believed blessed are those who have not seen but believe Peter miraculous catch of fish Peter restored denied Him three times 3 times bright beams of grace on flowers in field another Comforter the Holy Spirit promise of Pentacost a way for Christ to be in all the world every flower received the radiance of the grace of God worship in spirit and in truth freewill turn toward the Son receive Him our own circumstances our own need reconciled His ministry our experience our need our blessing may we seek the One who is seeking us