“And Jesus said, ‘O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.’ ” (Matt. 15:28)

Syrophoenician woman coast knows Jesus disciples want to push her away Son of David House of Isreal childrens bread and cast it to the little dogs dismissal our culture prizes dogs my wife called me by my dogs name our culture prizes dogs humility even the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters table great faith her daughter made whole from that very hour Lententide intercede break the power of satan delivery us from bondage fullness of the kingdom of Heaven Jesus heals all in the Gospels the Great Physician heals lame crippled broken blind sick ten lepers healing blessing confirms by miracle the Lords authorityGod be with Him deliver us from sin and the consequence of death dust of death the curse of mortality broken all of us are called to eternal life resurrected glory we will never get sick or die Christs mighty victory resurrection paradise miracles of healing in the church today miraculous in-between time we appeal to God gift charismatic sacrament unction lays hands anoints adversity distress return to soundness of health priest heart attack cottonwood recovered fully wholeness hepatitis yellow liver transplant miracle drug vitality medical arts alongside people clergy marginalized in hospitals during covid tunnel gave illness to God surrender turning point recovery sacrament of unction High Priest healing blessing page 320 prayer book book of common prayer James chapter 5 verse 14 Biblical foundation outward sign of inward spiritual grace delivered of sin intercessory prayer forgiven reintroduction of healing ministry drive away sickness and pain oil blessed by the Bishop sign of the cross forehead have faith laying on of hands slow it down seconds rest in that peace receive saving ministry of Jesus sing His praises