“And the master of the feast said to the bridegroom, but thou hast saved the best wine until now.”

traditional marriage join together matrimony Cana Galilee one man one woman lifelong union ages Adam Eve first marriage sand ideology rock faith once delivered morality CS Lewis absolute fidelity inside chastity outside live out the faith Jesus was invited to the marriage Mary care and concern blessing invite Him in first day of the week Sunday driving work Joseph not present notices out of wine intercessor attentive mindful of the needs of others she goes right to Jesus appeal to the Lord rent eviction we can’t solve our own finity social services good listener pray petition how far indwells woman what am I to do with thee? My hour has not yet come transitioning into His ministry intercessor moves whatsoever He says to you to do, do it servants water pots obeyed opens path to blessing there is no blessing without obedience commandments draw out divine intervention wine living out Gospel truths