“Give us grace who are admitted into the fellowship of Christ’s Religion, that we may avoid those things that are contrary to our profession, and follow all such things as are agreeable to the same.” (The Collect for III Sunday after Easter, page 173, 1928 Book of Common Prayer)

eastertide celebration victory of Christ over sin over satan over death liberty gift brings to us kingdom of God nation gift of mothers day honor thy father and thy mother lesson teaching the eternal truth of God the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us cooperation participation Mary mother of Jesus exalted vocation blessed by God Himself incarnate arms of His mother feast day St Monica St Augustine patient intercession son 4th fourth century modern day Algeria husband pagan baptized pleaded cult Manichees dualistic fast seminal work confessions patience virtue love of Christ testimony exemplary life teacher rhetoric overbearing Rome leave at night not tell her death of her husband caretaker prominence Milan St Ambrose three saints Bishop cathedral church catechumen popular advantageous career officials tutor orator poetry author hymnal hymns audience with Bishop advance age life expectancy advice speak less to her son about God speak more to God about her son redoubled efforts tears crying out praying Santa Monica California spring dripped tears falling pleading conversion st paul writings monastic movements Egypt all for Christ moved St Anthony wealth gospels account of the ruler with Jesus sell all that he had give to the poor and come follow Him desert hermit own soul sensual pleasures unmarried state a child outside marriage sensual delights tormented confession miserable sinners clutches of sin not free guilt bondage struggle o Lord make me a saint but not yet cried out anguish garden fig tree pulling his hair knees to chest agony over the wall child singing take it and read take it up and read nursery rhyme collection epistles opened to first Scripture Romans 13 exhortation night is far spent the day is at hand armor of light encouraged speaking to him soul living Word drunkenness sensuality lust of the flesh living unto God freedom patient intercession May 4 Feast patron saint of mothers May 5 cinco de mayo agency of the Holy Spirit good works Bishop of Hippo modern day Tunisia norther Africa heretics Augustinian rule western Christianity liberated grace of God health soul spirit Christian sister thanks pain peril childbearing source of all Love