“And they said, This is of a truth that prophet that should come into this world.” (John 6:14)

miracle loaves fishes stained glass window provider creator blessing outpouring God made man who is Jesus sea of Galilee for rest immediately after the death of John the Baptist retreat desert place people seek Jesus healing teaching crowd heals teaches humble instruction wholeness meet them there bless famous heart yearning humility as a man after resurrection in Spirit and truth woman at the well eucharist daily bread flesh never hunger again Holy Spirit call on the name of Jesus anywhere enlightened wisdom clarity understanding Jesus will meet us there ask in humility for bodily healing unction sacrament of unction creature derivative being redemption sanctification sudden thrill assembly this is the One of whom the prophets spake got it right Messiah knows their hearts take Him by force to make him king John 6:15 so that He can provide food Caesar bread for the belly circuses for distraction rule feed entertain rule the people spiritual purpose can’t use Jesus He will depart idol end that is not Him treasure pearl of great price we cannot use God self examination Lent means to an end He is our true end desolation St. Ignatius soul desolate God put soul to trial for love Him seek Him for His own sake faith hope love life fruits of the Spirit test not just for the consolation use Him He won’t be found search our hearts