“And Jesus took the five barley loaves and the two small fish and gave thanks.” (John 6:1-14)

miracle account sea of Galilee pour out the kingdom of heaven rest with his disciples assassination of John the Baptist Mark chapter 6 herod herodias salome daughter dance speak truth to power son of herod the great tried to assassinate Christ in His infancy imprisoned banquet table birthday party up to half his kingdom head of John the Baptist on a platter dismayed couldn’t go back on his word disciples took Johns body desert place thousands follow Jesus received them fed them first with the Word of God man shall not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God Philip where will we buy bread not enough only a little Andrew boy five barley loaves two fish gave thanks broke bread fullness ministers to their spirits and their bodies Lords Kingdom versus herods kingdom Matthew Henry herod previously designed schemed salome in league with him tyrant king party takes place at night in darkness corruption of the next generation tyrant demonstrate power complicity with his crime power to take off their head lords mafia boss power play death of an innocent man bondage to sin in league with the enemy Lords party generosity multiplication of gift nourished in spirit and in body daytime light fresh air place of liberty goodness truth satisfied feeding the five thousand 5000 establish the Lords supper institute the Holy Communion fed kingdom of satan dealt a fatal blow fear intimidation we choose Kingdom of God we come to His table life eternal give for the light of the whole world Heavenly banquet saving ministry hungry hearts