“Friend, is thine eye evil because I am good?” (Matt. 20:15)

Matthew 20:1-16 parable of the kingdom landowner days wage heart of man heart of God eleventh hour money Olympics Superbowl athletic contest winner loser competitive weight of the world athletes medals grateful for what we have God blesses humble thanks don’t look sideways look upward more things discontent entrusted to me to take care of what others have advertising buy this product to measure up not enough get ahead rivalry Jacob and Esau sold his birthright denarius provide for their families for one day envy hatred forsake receive a hundredfold life everlasting eternal life lift us out of death conversion late in life death bed penitent thief thou shalt be with me in paradise hear the gospel and receive it temporal transitory laurel leaf crown will fade God freely gives rejoice kingdom thinking gates of saint Peter point system one hundred points grace of God