“And Jesus said to them, Before Abraham was, I am.” (John 9:58)

the face of the deep book it is more noble to believe than to understand age explosion knowledge some things we don’t understand relationship God infinite grasp finite beyond us unfathomable unknowable faith story St Saint Thomas Aquinas theologian dominican monk scholar lifetime of study brilliant four 4 different treatises at once 4 four subjects secretary mass heavenly vision pen stopped writing all is straw great understanding glimpse it is beyond vast enemy stumbling block put whole project aside never demand that level breakfast car red light traffic physics wheel mechanics keep on in faith don’t understand the workings of the car high bar we aren’t being asked Christian doctrine sound correspond to natural law two millenium study asked to believe proposition the persons of God Jesus follow Me trust Me trust in man shrink diminish flourish tree by the water believe Him God will give wisdom to us illuminate first we follow Mary annunciation angel Gabriel first theologian asked a question how can this be since I do not know a man be it unto me according to thy word ask seek knock a sword will pierce your heart also simeon mary continues in faith crucifixion stands at the cross we are called to the same faith it is love to receive His love Gospel lesson impending doom Christ blasphemy stones Hebrews his death on the cross atonement reconciliation one perfect sacrifice fulfill old testament sufficient to cleanse the sins of the whole world nobility Mary we are called to the same nobles oblige blessing persevere eternal life lenten pray steadfast faith grace to follow enter into the same place as all the saints cup of salvation