“And the servants asked the landowner, ‘didst thou not sow good seed in thy field?’ ” (Matt. 13:27)

Matthew 13:24-30 wheat tares servant master pluck out weeds harvest gospel of Matthew explain parable soweth good seed Son of Man harvest end of the world reapers angels ears to hear let him hear children of God children of the devil side by side scandal child of iniquity children of the enemy do not be discouraged hypocrisy fallen following a different master plants young indistinguishable final judgment clear out evildoers son of God will be the judge Alexander Solzhenitsyn the line between good and evil cuts across every human heart God is patient with us St John Chrysostom biological determination repent and amend turn from weeds into wheat repentance cleansed anew Got is waiting He desires not the death of a sinner Saul Ananias convert the soul woman in California teased coworker in her garden heard a voice you’re the weed power of love Holy Spirit