“Reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:11)

baptismal rite baptism child presented this child is regenerate not born again God is doing something for the child coming out of the water different than the way they came in first Adam died new Adam child of God incorporated into the risen Lord Jesus Christ gift eternal life change of character of the person God has chosen us to be numbered with His elect we are changed stand on resurrection ground epistle work these things out calling of our election sure prove reality of Christ indwelling us alive to Christ dead to sin strive to live by the lives of the saints the world the flesh and the devil thou shalt not kill ten commandments do no murder moral truth purity we exhibit don’t hold hateful thoughts hateful words moral instruction of our Lord the one who hates his brother in his heart is a murderer grace mental intellectual ascent changed by incorporation into Christ water that is poured washes away sin breaks the power of sin no longer slave to sin hate in their heart but overcome entrapment of sin stuck in unforgiveness call upon the power of Christ fight the good fight lust is committing adultery love permeate the entire being the love of Christ not objectify another don’t join your body to a harlet don’t you know the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit new nature old Adam the world glorifies lust trapped in their own heart how to get past that the power of Christ indwelling them break that power of sin in them newness of life epistle of Paul reality of baptism first resurrection waking up to and living out the life of love in their lives realities of the kingdom of heaven first resurrection we await the coming day of the resurreciton we too will rise again from the dead victory over sin Christ is manifesting Himself in us church triumphant inheritors of the blessing ambassador home country citizens of heaven members of the body of Christ ambassadors of the heavenly realms the world the flesh and the devil retain bearing and dignity of our true native land the kingdom of heaven overcome sins in our lives hearts minds actions encouraged by the saints new life