“At that time, when Jesus was come, He looked over the city of Jerusalem, and wept over it.” (Luke 19:41)

Hosannah donkey King of peace city of peace Jerusalem triumphal entry weeps over General Titus AD 70 lay waste burn city tear down all the buildings great temple of Herod laid waste reminder the hour of His coming cleanse the temple House of prayer den of iniquity den of thieves profit exploitation money changing themes advent in August be ready for the Lords coming overseer of our souls Bishop accountable to Him we know not the time personal repentance turned away from world idols ourselves our souls our bodies to be a reasonable holy and living sacrifice unto thee worship dedicate purified sanctified invite Christ to visit us now Holy Communion intinction Body and Blood open our hearts to Him call upon Him hymns St Benedict the saint is the one who remembers God prayer crucial discipline mealtime provision mercy help protection live with Him now terror for those who have rejected Him despite His overtures earthly treasures gone last days look up for our salvation has drawn nigh usher kingdom of God St Therese of of Lisieux France 20th century patron saint carmelite house Ireland story monastic movement self sacrifice take upon themselves the wrath of God for a sinner victim of justice of God tate that wrath upon themselves St Therese declined rejected this instead be of victim of the love of Jesus oblation self offering overflowing sacraments scriptures prayers inwardly digest