Christ Anglican Church’s fiscal project, Homeless Outreach Participation Endeavor (HOPE) has been designated to facilitate this year’s lenten season almsgiving project.  For nearly the past two years, HOPE has been caring for a small impoverished village called Laxmipura in rural Rajasthan, India. The endeavor has been titled the Kota Krates Initiative. A number of our parishioners have been generously providing food crates for the families that reside in the village and the Parish has facilitated over $6,000 in donations.  This year the HOPE project is working to install tin roofs for the village’s huts. So far 10 of the 17 huts have received a tin roof. These roofs serve to protect our beloved village friends from the severe monsoon rains that rip through Rajasthan each summer.

Christ Anglican Church would like to welcome you to make a donation towards the completion of this project. We will have an ingathering during the worship services this Sunday, IV Lent, or you may give through the website, (see the button below). The cost of one roof including installation comes to $330. However donations of any size are most welcome and above all, prayer for the families of Laxmipura Village is greatly desired.

Let us take up the fast that the Lord would have us take up this lenten season:

“I want you to share your food with the hungry

and to provide shelter for homeless, oppressed people. When you see someone naked, clothe them!”

Isaiah 58:7

Glory to Christ!

Colin O’Connor

Homeless Outreach Participation Endeavor (HOPE)

Christ Anglican Church

Kota Krates Initiative