Christ Anglican Church offers, to its members, the advantages of Christian burial for cremated remains on consecrated church grounds. Situated in the northeast corner of the property, The Columbarium Garden gives our parishioners and guests the opportunity to remember their loved ones in a peaceful, reverent setting.

The Columbarium Garden was designed by Mr. Don Foster, AIA. It includes desert-friendly plantings, a meandering walkway, and several locations where benches are situated for meditation, reflection, and prayer.

When at the Columbarium, the visitor may view a memorial composed of copper and limestone, reflecting the architectural elements of the Church and our parish hall.

Within the Columbarium, there are niches of sufficient size to permit the inurnment of cremated remains of either one or two individuals. The niches are constructed of a material designed to resist the harsh environment of the Sonoran Desert. The closure of each niche is a plate of granite, upon which the name(s), birth and death dates are engraved. The bronze urn(s) within have a small brass plate affixed with the same information.

You are invited to come and see the Columbarium Garden. For those desiring to reserve space, or arrange for inurnment, please contact the Christ Anglican Parish Office at (480) 488-0525 or Contact our Rector, Canon Steven Dart. A qualified member of the Parish will be glad to meet with you and answer your questions personally.

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

    • Q: I’m not sure if this is right for me?
    • A: Please contact us. Cremation and inurnment decisions are of a very personal nature. Our clergy shall be glad to assist you.
    • Q: Should I consider reserving now or waiting?
    • A: By reserving now, you are assured that your niche is secure, in the location you have personally chosen.
    • Q: Can anyone be placed in a niche?
    • A: Niches are for the members of Christ Anglican Church and others subject to approval by the Rector.
    • Q: Will the clergy perform a memorial service at the time of inurnment? What is it like?
    • A: Yes, and we use the committal service from the Book of Common Prayer, 1928.
    • Q: Is there a lot of paperwork?
    • A: The process is very straightforward, consisting of an agreement, inurnment orders, and a few supporting documents.
    • Q: What is the cost for the niche and inurnment?
    • A: There is no fee because no property rights are conveyed. The Vestry does suggest a donation of $1,000 for the dedicated use of the niche.
    • Q: May I place a memorial plaque for someone?
    • A: Yes. Christ Anglican Church has a Memorial Wall in the planning stages. It will be located in the Angel of Consolation Sacred Garden. If you have another thought in mind, please contact the Rector.