Visit our Children’s Library in the Narthex

by Mary Longley-Cook

Our Children’s Library is a great way to introduce children to or keep them learning!

A portable children’s library was a great idea but I can’t take the credit for it. It was a gift given to me by the good Lord Himself. In my opinion, books and children just go together. During my teaching career of over 30 years, I saw many books finding their way into children’s hands whenever they had free time. Time was also set aside to read to my class each day and they couldn’t wait to gather on the reading rug to listen to what was to happen next to their favorite character in our book.

I feel that books are golden keys that open many doors for children’s imagination to grow and grow. The next best thing to a child about reading a book is to have someone read to them. Take the opportunity to pick up a book and read it to a child and feel the magical golden key open the door to both the child’s and your imagination!

We offer a variety of books and magazines for ages newborn through pre-teen. We have children’s Bibles, books about Bible characters and events, bedtime stories, books about animals, plants, and nature, and books to encourage growth in love, compassion, and faith.

As Snoopy and his friends say, “Good books make good friends.” The Children’s Library is located in the Narthex. Children are free to take books, and either return them after reading or keep them. New books are being added all the time. Enjoy children!

Come and visit the portable children’s library in the Narthex at Christ Anglican Church in Carefree!