From Hut to Home

Happy Eastertide!
This month’s announcement is bitter sweet.  I’ll start with the sweet though!  The sweet news is that we have now completely recreated half of Laxmipura’s huts.  As you can see…the completed product can no longer even be classified as a hut.  These families now have a home.  The bitter news is that we have had to put a halt on construction for a little while.  The virus situation in India has caused many local governments to issue lockdown orders.  Kota is one such city.  As soon as it is both legal and safe to continue, we will be back at it full force.  Please keep India in your thoughts and prayers.  Another exciting announcement I’d like to draw your attention to is our recent saree distribution (a saree is the traditional dress for women in India).  Thanks to a generous donation, each of the ladies of Laxmipura received a beautiful saree.  Thank you for your continued support of this endeavor! Please click on the links below to see footage of the Huts To Homes Project, Saree Distribution and the Krate Drop!

Glory to Christ,

Colin O’Connor 
Homeless Outreach Participation Endeavor 
Christ Anglican Church 
Kota Krates Initiative