by Mike Husar

I was born in Lorain, Ohio. My mother was a Church of God believer and my father was Roman Catholic. To get married, my mom had to promise to start her children off in the Catholic faith. That she did. However, she chose not to become a Catholic. I was baptized as a child, went to catechism and was confirmed. However, my dad didn’t take me to church so I went to a Baptist church with my mother most of the time.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the date or year in which I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was in the late 50’s or early 60’s. I do know it was at a Baptist week long summer camp on Kelly’s Island in Lake Erie. My mom had saved up enough money to be able to send me there for the week. One night after the evening campfire and sermon, when the altar call was made, I went forward to publically acknowledge him as my Lord and Savior. I told my mother when I got back and she was thrilled.  Soon after this, I was baptized by full immersion at Trinity Baptist Church in Lorain.

My salvation was by the Grace of God acting through my mother who faithfully made sure I went to church and Sunday school all through my life. She tried to take us to church as often as she could and if she couldn’t go, she would find someone to pick me and my brother up to go. She never “forced” me to go but it was a pleasure for me to do so. She had entrusted the care of both me and my brother to Jesus to watch over and protect us. My brother David went forward shortly thereafter. We were both old enough to fully comprehend what we were doing.  Her exposing me and David to the Word had a profound effect on us.

I met Carole, my wife, who was an Episcopalian. When we decided to get married, I joined her church to keep harmony in our marriage, I stayed Episcopalian until we moved to Arizona. The Episcopal Church seemed to me to have strayed greatly from when I first joined. The churches I was in in Michigan and California had not “transitioned” fully to the new prayer book but were on the way. I felt it was time to find a church that was more in line with my beliefs. After “church shopping”, I found Christ Anglican Church and am glad I did.