Have you ever wondered why some music seems to stand the test of time?  Songs come and go throughout the ages, but the hymns of the Church are still as fresh today as they were generations – and, in some cases – centuries ago.  Why?


  • They’re loaded with Truth. The hymns are chock full of the Truth of the Scriptures.  There’s nothing more timeless than that.
  • They’re liturgical.  Open your hymnal, and you’ll notice that all of those wonderful songs follow right along with our liturgical calendar.  Hymns for all seasons, if you will!
  • They’re participatory. Everyone in the congregation has a copy, and everyone has the opportunity to sing together.  In this way, we all worship Our Lord in one voice.  Powerful!


So, the next time you reach for that hymnal and open it up, say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the musical treasure you are holding!