Next month marks the beginning of year three of the Kota Krates Initiative.  In the Summer of 2019 when I was drawing up the simple vision of this project, I kept thinking to myself, “If I can find sponsors for just 10 families for one year…it’ll be worth it to try this thing out…”  Well two years later and thanks to all of you generous souls we are sustaining 30 families (120+ people) each month.  The nutritional support is the foundation upon which every other facet of this project is built upon.  I would be more than satisfied if filling hungry bellies was our exclusive specialty…but after 2 years (thanks to incredible generosity) we have installed tin roofs on 35 huts and are set to finish transforming 16 huts into homes (within another month).  More than this though is the impact this project has had on the families we assist.  You have put smiles on mother’s faces because they are happily certain they’ll have sufficient food for their children.  You’ve provided peace of mind to husbands and fathers because they know their home is secured with a solid locked door.  You’ve helped children sleep comfortably because they aren’t awoken by rain drops leaking through their roof and they aren’t starving.  These things that we take for granted mean the world to the families we have been assisting for these last two years.  How does one measure hope?  What are weights and measures of happiness?  I’m not quite sure how to answer these questions entirely.  But the mothers in these pictures are no longer hiding their faces.  They look a whole lot happier than when hope landed in their village.  This makes it all worth it.

Glory to Christ

Colin O’Connor
Homeless Outreach Participation Endeavor (HOPE)
Christ Anglican Church
Kota Krates Initiative