New Year.  Even more hope.  We have been given another year.  What shall we make of it?  Well one thing I am very much so looking forward to this year is all that we have lined up for the Kota Krates Initiative.  We are beginning the  installation process of 5 shiny new tin roofs this week.  We are hoping to have all 21 huts roofed before the beginning of June.  If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a roof, let me know!  The tin roofs are consistently the number one request of the villagers who call Laxmipura home.  Take a look at the video in the link below to see how shoddy their current roofs are.

Another thing we are excited to announce is the completion of a temporary goat pen.  This structure will serve to shelter the village’s goats from the fierce desert winds that rip through area from time to time.  Our hope is to acquire a small piece of land that will serve as a permanent space for a goat farm.

One request I have for 2021 is that we begin to diligently pray for our friends in Laxmipura Village.  Let us pray that God would guide us and inspire us to help them in the way that He would have us help them.  Pray for the children and their development.  Pray that we find creative ways to help the villagers earn an income.  Pray that the Lord would provide more sponsors so that we can continue these amazing additional projects.  Pray that we reach our goal of making Laxmipura Village a beautiful place for its inhabitants to not only live but thrive.

Glory to Christ

Colin O’Connor
Homeless Outreach Participation Endeavor (HOPE)
Christ Anglican Church
Kota Krates Initiative