Entering now into the Lenten season, we have the remarkable opportunity to evaluate where we are in relationship to our Lord and in practicing His love in preparation for Easter. Jesus fasted and was tested for 40 days in the wilderness before starting his public ministry. Here are some valuable suggestions and remarks by our Rector Canon Steven Dart for you to consider.


(From Canon Steven Dart)

As you think about your Lenten discipline you may consider these four elements as foundational:

Fasting – reducing the quantity of food

Abstinence – reducing the quality of food

Prayer – communion with God

Almsgiving – being actively mindful of the needs of others

Notice that the first two elements are related to the practice of “selfless self-love”.  These disciplines give us an experience of freedom.  The other two are ways to fulfill the great commandments to love God and love neighbor.

Canon Dart says, on adhering to a Lenten rule, “If I get pressed by the events of the day and don’t find time to read the evening office, I might call that a miss.  My rule can be like a target I am aiming at; some days I have better aim than others.”

May God bless you with His inspiration and grace as you work out your Lenten disciplines.